November 5, 2013 17 30 -18000

TVIP Program Dekalb County

What We Do (and Where)

The Traffic Violator Impact Program is a diversion program designed to educate young drivers on the consequences of decisions and choices made while in a car.  We do this by sharing the stories of young people killed in car crashes and the choices that were made that led to their death.


  • Real life stories of young drivers killed in a car crash – the cause of the crash and how it could have been prevented.
  • A Powerful Texting Video
  • Seat belt Videos
  • Car Crash Victim Speaker
  • A Question and Answer Session


  • Bring ID to the Program.
  • DO NOT RE-REGISTER IF YOU FAIL TO ATTEND – your registration will be kept on file.
  • You may attend any one of our programs to satisfy your requirement.
  • Guest are welcome to attend at no charge.

Select one of the program locations below to register online.


If you register for a program and fail to attend or decide to attend another program DO NOT RE-REGISTER!!!!! Your registration is good at any of our programs.  Just take your email confirmation to the program you decide to attend.

Unpaid Attendee:

If you attended one of our TVIP Programs and were unable to pay at the time you attended, click Unpaid Attendee to make your payment.  As soon as we get notification of your payment and confirm your attendance we will send you a Certificate of Attendance in the manner you indicated when you made payment.  If you are unable to pay online then submit a Money Order to TVIP in the amount of $50.00.  You can mail the Money Order to TVIP P.O. Box 2701 Loganville, GA. 30052. Your request will not be honored if you attended a program other than the programs listed for this Unpaid Attendee.

Certificate Reissue

If you have lost your Certificate of Attendance click on Certificate Reissue and request a new Certificate.  You must provide the location of where you attended the program i.e. Atlanta, Gwinnett, Dekalb, Athens etc. and the date you attended.  Once we get notification of your request we will confirm your attendance and attempt to mail out the same day. If you are unable to pay online then submit a Money Order to TVIP in the amount of $10.00 including the listed needed information. You can mail the Money Order to TVIP P. O. Box 2701 Loganville, GA. 30052 Click here to start the certificate reissue process.

Outreach Programs

In addition to the programs we provide for the courts we also do programs for schools, churches, and various civic organizations.  This is part of our Proactive effort to educate young drivers and their parents on the serious nature of DRIVING. Click Here for more.